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18/04 2014

Slush Cup at Alyeska Resort 2014

The Tin Man balancing on the pond


April 18 2014




Dream description:

Celebrate the end of ski season in Alaska and the perfect combination of sun, snow and water. The Slush Cup is an annual Alaskan event held during the Spring Carnival at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska (about 30 miles south of Anchorage). The contestants, most of them in costumes ski down one of the runs and try to ski over a 90 foot pool of freezing water. First round of Slush Cup participant picks. 25 competitors will be selected based on quality of costume (originality, flare and style). Winners must come in the same costume for the Taco Bell Slush Cup on Saturday. 21 & over, free admission. The 2010 Slush Cup was held on the nicest day of the year (so far) - bright blue skies and it was even warm (high 40s) - enough to have women running around in bathing suits.
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